What does the magride/DCC/ADS delete kit do? 
Many OEM shocks have an adaptive suspension system, which stiffens a shock on either of the 4 wheels during driving to reduce roll during turning, or to give the ride a "sportier" feel. Some drivers prefer a stiffer ride and replace these with aftermarket sport shocks, but this leaves a loose connection from the car unconnected. This throws an error on the car, and causes the driver to lose certain drive functions like launch or traction control. Our delete kit is a plug and play solution to get rid of these error codes to gain back drive control. 

How do Adaptive suspensions work - Magride, DCC, ADS, etc
Adaptive suspension systems adjust the stiffness of the shocks to give the car a "Sporty" feel during driving. Magnetic ride based systems have magnetic particles in the Hydraulic Oil and use a magnetic coil to restrict the flow when turned on. DCC or ADS systems use a physical adjustable valve to restrict Hydraulic Oil flow to stiffen the shocks. 

How do TAG Delete kits compare to other brands?

*   Damping refers to the ability to absorb spikes in power due to imbalanced ride height sensors.
** 1 Year warranty for workmanship and function. Extended warranty can be purchased.
(1) Dual Component structure results in uneven heat dissipation within the kit, which can result in premature failure.
(2) Low Cr stainless steel can still corrode under prolonged wet/humid conditions
(3) Separate mounts pull the Center of Gravity of the kit further away from the shocks, increasing unsprung weight/momentum.
(4) Zipties degrade over time, and components get loose and fall off. Given the high heat conditions near the brakes, it is not ideal.
(5) Higher unsprung weight in the suspensions lead to more work by your suspension.

Overall, we have a smaller profile and last just as long, or even longer than current brands. We also provide a 1 year warranty whereas no one else does. Our V4.1 models also come with the mounting holes on the case, as well as being mounted with hose clamps as compared to zip ties, that just loosen over time. 

Can i code out Magnetic ride?
For some models, yes. But in most cases, this usually results in a fault somewhere else.  

Why replace the OEM Adaptive suspensions? 
Some drivers prefer replacing the Magnetic Ride Shocks with aftermarket coilovers etc, as the OEM ones tend to fail easily, are expensive to replace or do not provide satisfactory damping feedback.  

What are the benefits of a Magnetic Ride Delete Kit?
This prevents any coding errors, is a simple plug and play DIY, and you can revert back to stock anytime. 

What do i need to be aware of? 
Some models have ride height sensors, which tell the computers how low each wheel/side is. Faulty readings/units may also send a suspension fault. It is recommended that you check the error codes before committing to a kit.  

Why are TAG Delete kits cheaper compared to other models?
Simply put, because other brands rip the average consumer off. We price our parts based on morals and common sense. It is our vision to have a world where people can choose any shock they want without having to pay a "hefty fine".

How do i attach these to my car (V2 models)
Plug them in and secure the modules to any nearby wire harness. Do not secure to brake hoses. 

How do i attach these to my car (V3 models)
Front: Thread provided metal zip ties through attachment holes, remove double sided backing tape and secure to shocks. Secure excess wire with plastic zip ties or electrical tape.
Rears: If unable to secure to shock, place behind wheel well liners and secure to any wire harness/trim available. 

I am still getting errors, what should i do?
Please use a scanner to confirm the codes first. Cars that are lowered and did not do a recalibration of the ride height sensors may have errors thrown regardless of the delete kit being installed or not. Cars with air suspensions also have common ride height sensor issues from constantly raising and lowering the car to extremes. You may also need to reduce the length of the ride height sensor arm if you are excessively lowered. 

Do you have delete kits for my model?
We would love to help with your car. Do send us an email and we will be more than willing to experiment and do some research. We can then do a barter where we send you a free kit, and all you need to do is plug it in and tell us if it works! This is only for kits that we do not currently have an existing design. 

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we do. Shipping fees may vary by country, but usually it costs around $30 - $50 per set.

How long does it take to ship?
Usually a week, faster if you use Express mail, which costs more, so it's up to your selected shipping method.  

Is there a warranty?
We provide a 1-yr warranty, or an extended 2-yr warranty for an additional fee. This warranty covers workmanship and function but will not cover damage due to the kits being improperly secured, track or racing situations. We will request a $40 fee payable for the replacement kit, and once we have done analysis on the failed part (to be returned to us of course), and deem it truly a workmanship issue, we will refund the fee.  

Are the Mag-ride delete kits waterproof?
Yes. But if you love driving in knee high water, we would appreciate a heads up. 

For all other questions, email us at THEASIANGARAGE@OUTLOOK.COM or call us at +1-224-578-8147

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