About us

Mark, the Asian Guy (me), had an Audi TT mk3, which I bought just before the Covid 19 pandemic. During the Pandemic, I sold it cause I didn't need it, and used the money to invest in bitcoin. That didn't go too well! I still wanted a TT, so I decided to get a rare 2008 Audi TT 3.2L manual. It had lots of issues, and one of that was the mag ride. I read forums on how to make my own delete kit, and experimented with different designs, and shared my designs with others on forums. Demand grew, and other people started asking for a kit for the S3 too! After many failures, and help with testing from the community, we succeeded! 

There was a lot of demand, and my garage was not big enough, So I decided to ask Matt if production could be done at his place instead. Since then, Matt and I have increased our portfolio to include more than 12 magride/ADS/DCC delete kits for various makes/models.

The main goal initially was to just share a design, so that no one would have to pay ridiculous prices to KW or iSweep or any other company charging $500 for a delete kit. Now, it is our goal to provide car enthusiasts with cheaper and better alternatives to the overpriced and outdated incumbent kits. 

We intend to expand more, and always welcome requests for new models to add to our lineup, constructive criticism and of course donations. =D

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